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Destination Tenerife
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Marketing Office Assistants

Established company in South Tenerife requires Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish & Romanian speaking persons with some english, to work as part of a team in marketing office. Some computer skills are required but training will be given. hours 8.30 – 4.00 monday to friday telephone 922 714 632 and send c.v. to jobs@destinationtenerife.com

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Tenerife Weather

  • Temp: 12°c (54°f)
    Wind: NW at 8 mph (13 kmph)

  • High: 20°c (68°f); Low: 18°c (65°f)
    Wind: NE at 9 mph (15 kmph)

  • High: 19°c (66°f); Low: 16°c (61°f)
    Wind: NE at 11 mph (18 kmph)

Destination Tenerife

Tel: 0034 922 713 070

Email: mail@destinationtenerife.com

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