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  • Tenerife Excursions
  • Tenerife Excursions
  • Tenerife Excursions

Tenerife Excursions

Tenerife has a variety of excursions on land, water and air! View the magnificent Mt. Teide Volcano up close, encounter the whales & dolphins, have a go at shark finishing or take trip around Tenerife and its sister islands.

Excursions can range from 30 minutes to a 6 hour trip, most have to be pre-booked in advanced.  We recommend you take a hat and sunscreen if you are going to be exposed to the sun, and dont forget to take your camera!


Coach & Jeep Tours

Tenerife Excursions Coach & Jeep Tours

Explore Tenerife with organized Coach and Jeep Tours. Mt Teide, Masca, La Gomer, Theme Parks and more

Whales and Dolphins

Tenerife Excursions Whales and Dolphins

Experience the thrill of traveling with whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. As they swim alongside you they often pop-up out of the water to say hello!

Shark Fishing

Tenerife Excursions Shark Fishing

You will be given expert advice on how to lure and catch the local Tenerife sharks

Scuba Diving

Tenerife Excursions Scuba Diving

Dive into Tenerife’s under water culture. Discover sunken ships, enter sting ray city or interact with the wide variety of sea creatures.

Helicopter Tours

Tenerife Excursions Helicopter Tours

Fly your way around Tenerife with a Helicopter Tour island tour. View the south-west coast or take a trip through the mountains and up to the highest mountain peak in Spain, Mt. Teide.


Tenerife Excursions Karting

Karting Club Tenerife has two tracks of 8m wide. The junior track is 250m and professional track is 1200m.

Sailing Charter

Tenerife Excursions Sailing Charter

Private boat charter with a professional Captain for a 3 hour or 7 hour private charter and excursion around Tenerife,. No crowds, just you your family and friends.

Submarine Safaris

Tenerife Excursions Submarine Safaris

The submarine is designed to be 100% environmentally friendly, powered solely by batteries, and we have no oils or pollutants onboard, which could either, harm the marine life, or their habitat.

Horseback Riding

Tenerife Excursions Horseback Riding

Horse riding sessions (

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Tenerife Weather

  • Temp: 19°c (67°f)
    Wind: E at 2 mph (4 kmph)

  • High: 24°c (75°f); Low: 19°c (66°f)
    Wind: SSE at 7 mph (12 kmph)

  • High: 24°c (75°f); Low: 19°c (66°f)
    Wind: ENE at 8 mph (12 kmph)

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