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Candelaria is located in the South East of  Tenerife. The natives found, on a rock, the Holy Image of the Virgin of Candelaria which is now declared principal patron saint of the Canary Islands.

The town of Candelaria is surrounded by several prehistoric caves, where burials have been found containing mummies of the Guanches, whose burial process is very similar to the treatment of the pharaohs in Egypt.

Candelaria is visited by thousands of people to see the Virgin of Candelaria in the Basilica of Candelaria and explore the Canarian culture.

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  • Temp: 21°c (69°f)
    Wind: ENE at 14 mph (23 kmph)

  • High: 25°c (77°f); Low: 20°c (68°f)
    Wind: ENE at 17 mph (28 kmph)

  • High: 25°c (77°f); Low: 20°c (68°f)
    Wind: ENE at 18 mph (29 kmph)

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