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El Médano

El Médano is located in the South of Tenerife in the district of Granadilla de Abona.

A mecca for windsurfing, having held various windsurfing competitions and championships. Due to the popularity of the watersports, El Médano has now a thriving sub-culture town, some say its the Los Angeles of Tenerife!

With some superb modern and hip places to eat, drink and party, it’s a place to visit!

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Tenerife Weather

  • Temp: 22°c (72°f)
    Wind: NE at 13 mph (21 kmph)

  • High: 27°c (80°f); Low: 22°c (71°f)
    Wind: ENE at 15 mph (25 kmph)

  • High: 27°c (80°f); Low: 22°c (71°f)
    Wind: ENE at 13 mph (20 kmph)

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